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Mason Ohio Roofing Services

You need a Mason, Ohio Roofer you can trust, and that roofer is Mason Roof Repair! We provide exceptional residential roofing solutions in the Mason, Ohio area backed by a reputation of first-class customer service, efficiency, and top-quality workmanship. Whether you need a minor roof repair done after a storm or you want to replace the entire roof on your Mason home or office, we’re the ones for the job. We are Professional Mason Ohio Roofing Services Contractors.

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Weather in Mason can change second by second. We’ve all seen it happen if you live in or around Mason. When bad storms come through they can cause severe damage to roofs for homeowners in Southern Ohio. You may notice shingles laying on your lawn, or you can see roofing shingles on the roof that are out of place.  You may even have granules on the ground by your downspouts. Even a more serious problem is seeing water coming through your sheetrock inside your home.  This can cause electrical issues and cause major damage to your home.
You need a roofing company in Mason OH that you can trust, you need to call Mason Roof Repair. We are local, reliable and honest. We are also licensed, insured, and bonded.

For a professional Mason Roofer complete 513-454-4639

We are proud of our reputation as one of Ohio’s oldest, longest-running roofing companies. We are a longstanding member of the Better Business Bureau, and we work hard to maintain our A+ rating. Let our Mason Ohio Roofers take care of all of your Mason Roofing Services. 

What kinds of roof repairs can you do?

Midtown Roofing’s experienced roof technicians can handle any problems you may be facing with your leaky or faulty roof, including routine maintenance.

Mason Ohio Roofing

Mason Ohio Roofing

Our pros routinely help Cincinnati homeowners with the following types of roof repairs:

  • Replacing loose shingles
  • Replacing cracked shingles
  • Flashing repairs
  • Leaky roof repair
  • Patch leaks
  • Fixing damage due to falling debris

We can also work with you to make sure your existing roof is in perfect condition.

What are some warning signs that might indicate that I have a problem with my roof?

If you notice any of the following happenings with your roof or in your home, you probably want to get an expert out to recommend the next steps:

Sudden increases in your water bill (especially if you have ruled out other sources of water leaks

  • You have an older roof
  • You see dark/dirty areas on your roof
  • You’re seeing missing or curled shingles
  • You’re seeing signs of water damage inside your home/attic
  • You’re seeing granules or sand in your driveway
  • Shingles popping up / exposed nail heads
  • Roof shingles look funny
  • Your roof Is sagging
What brands of shingles do you use?

We primarily use Atlas shingles. One of the reasons is that Atlas designer shingles with Scotchgard Protector help prevent black streaks caused by algae, keeping your roof looking beautiful for years. They can handle up to 150 miles per hour winds to help keep your roof protected in case of a storm. No more black streaks on your shingles.

Can Midtown Roofing repair or install a new roof?

Absolutely, we have installed hundreds of residential roofs in the Mason, OH area. We are proud of the work we do and we never over-sell you. If your roof on your home can be repaired, we will let you know. If you need a new roof replacement, we will give you all of your options and let choose which path you want to go.

How do you know if your roofing contractor is not a fly-by-night company?

Anytime you have a major storm or disaster, you can bet you will have Roofers coming in from all over Ohio and from other states as well. These companies are considered fly-by-night roofers. They are what we call in the industry “storm chasers.” After you have storm damage on your roof, these guys will come to knock on your door and promise you anything and everything. 

Let’s face it. How can they offer your warranty and expect to honor it when they came up from Texas, Tennessee or even Kentucky? They can’t. 

This is why it is a must to work with a local roofing contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured, and has awesome reviews and references like Midtown Roofing Company.

How long will the roof on my home last?

Traditional asphalt shingle roofs last from 20 to 30 years. If your roof is close to 20 years old, it is more than likely time to start shopping for a roofing contractor in Mason to get the process started.  We offer 100% free roof estimates. If you, the homeowner is proactive, you can save time and money by not waiting until you “need” a roofer by planning ahead. 

Metal roofs can last anywhere from 35 to 70 years depending on the type of metal roof and metal roofing material used. 

How long will it take you to replace my Mason, Ohio roof?

We typically can replace many roofs in one day. This varies depending on several factors. The size of the roof to start with.  How many layers currently exist.  Accessibility to your property.  Larger homes may take two days. In most cases, we are in and out the same day. We strive to leave your home in better condition than when we came.

How much will a new roof cost me?

If you’re using your homeowner’s insurance because of storm damage to your roof or something fell on it. In most cases, we can completely replace your roof at no out-of-pocket expense to the homeowner. We can normally cover up to $1,000 of your deductible. Your insurance will cover the rest of your roof in case of storm damage.

If you are not using insurance and want to pay cash. Midtown Roofing Company will work with you to give you the most competitive price.  It would be virtually impossible to give a price on the website since you have so many variables. The size of the roof, the pitch of the roof. Accessibility etc. 

Remember, we offer free estimates in Mason and the area. You can request your free roofing estimate

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